Homesmut Voices - SolVris "Scream My Name"
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SolVris “Scream My Name”


Sollux: ScotchDuet

Vriska: Geek

Written by: Aseanthe12thdoctor

Script: Here

Edited by: Wolfmichalik

If you received a pairing request where both roles were played by the same voice actor would you have someone else fill in for one character or would that voice actor do both parts themself?

They’d do both parts. —AH






of this.


JohnDavesprite Script
 - JohnDavesprite
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John: Peeps

Davesprite: Mytrollmeglestories

Written by: Deansterbeanster

Script: Here

Edited by: Sianascera

Im wondering, what is the most popular ship you've received, or at least the most of one ship?

EriSol, without a doubt.

Solo Caliborn Period Play Script
Homesmut Voices - Solo Caliborn Period Play
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Caliborn: Broseph

Written by: Shark week

Script: Here

Edited by: Sianascera

hawt secks

one day karkat vantas was in a place

he got call on crabmunitcator from his friend dav that was like ‘hey u shud com over for hot secks im feelin p gay today’

so karkat was like ‘no u are human das weird also i hate u’ and dav is all ‘it cud be hatsex’

karkat likd the idea of hatsex so he went over to davs place and when he got there there was no dav only slolux

so karkat asked slolux “where dave he sad weould have hatesex”

and slolux was all ‘i already had hatsex with dav u r too slow’ and then krkt was like ‘wel fuk’ and slolux got rly close to krkt and aggressively whispered ‘hey we shud hawtsex 2’ (HAHA GET IT 2) so they did

i’m on a lot of drugs right now

To audition as a writer:

Submit an audition script and a list of preferred pairings/characters, along with a means of credit (a nickname and/or Tumblr url).

Edit: Also be 18+

Edit-edit: Send your auditions to

Now accepting writers through to the 30th

Audition now as a full-time writer to complete requests and have them voiced for our blog.

Auditions will close next Saturday.

is AH animehead? and if so, what scripts has she done, if any?

Yeah, AH, is animehead. Also, you can find the scripts I’ve done so far on the writers page. If you mean what scripts I’ve written that haven’t been voiced/edited/posted yet, I’ve done a GamTav, DirkJake, DaveJohn, BroJohn, and BroJake. —AH

I didn't know that have you considered making a request form? It might cut down on us not telling you what we really want. Say pairing, headcanons, kinks, and a place for anything you want plotwise. I assumed you guys did what most people do, nook and bulges since that is the most popular troll headcanon I've seen.

Not really. We just ask that people specify what they want in their requests. I haven’t seen an issue of a requester not telling us what they really want and if they’ve specified enough in their initial request, we can go back and add additional details. —AH


I was listening to this smut voice acting from Homesmutvoices:
And this was by far my favorite part
shitty hand drawn art is shitty


I was listening to this smut voice acting from Homesmutvoices:

And this was by far my favorite part

shitty hand drawn art is shitty

I sorta miss it when animehead signed off as AH because I liked pretending they were Andrew Hussie

Sorry. —AH

DaveJade “Meeting In Person” Script