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JohnVris “Movie”

John: Peeps

Vriska: Geek

Written by: Whorelequins

Script: Here

Edited by: Bleedinginkandsugar


I’m going to send out a mass email to the VAs on constructive criticisms, so if you haven’t already, please specify what you would like to see the actors work on.

Don’t generalize. Name characters and what you think can be improved upon.

*previous anon* Personally, I do have a few critiques I think are valid. Personally I think there's an over use of gasping. Sometimes the acting is stilted or doesn't mesh well (perhaps that's the fault of the writing/direction though?) Sometimes the quality of the mics are bad and could use editing. Speaking of writing, its usually said "Show dont tell". It's sometimes better to leave something to the imagination rather than saying what is being done. Also the sound effects arent all that good.
Hey friends

When people say a VA is bad, that is not a fact. That is an opinion.

There’s bound to be people who like that character’s voice and people who don’t. There is no right or wrong. They have different opinions.

When you say, “this VA is bad” you can’t call it fact because that’s just your opinion.

I understand some people being upset that they didn’t get a chance to audition, and we may open auditions for understudies in the future, but we can’t kick actors out just because they aren’t to your liking. If we did that, I don’t think we’d have any permanent cast members. There’s over seven thousand people listening to us, we can’t please everyone. We can only hope that the listeners please themselves and we know we’re doing our job. -Geek

while gender neutrality is cool for the scripts I think it'd be nice to have some scripts that are more oriented to one gender than the other, or even two versions of one script with a gender element to it, as well as the neutral script. It would make the scene feel a little more inclusive to the listener because they would be able to put themselves better in the place of whatever body parts they prefer. However I understand if this isn't possible. It's just a thought.

I actually thought about suggesting that! Personally, because I do not like excluding people, if a request called for, say character/male listener, I would write that. But I would also write one for the same character and a female listener and also for the same character and a gender neutral listener. Obviously, I cannot expect everyone to do this, which is why I didn’t suggest it. But I will for myself. Needless to say, I won’t be writing many character/listener scripts! —AH

This isn't a request...but it seems that the writers tend to label certain people as a "top" or "bottom" and keep them that way. I really enjoy all of your posts, but I think that labeling characters like that holds the scripts back. Personally, I would love to hear Kankri topping. Just feedback from a fan.

This is a tricky one, anon. Some of our requests specifically ask for a certain character as top or bottom, but for the ones that don’t, I don’t see why there would be a problem with us changing things up, so we’ll work on that. Thanks for your input! —AH

Its kinda funny that that last ask came in, because I was planning on writing an Aradia/listener script that was entirely gender neutral. It is definitely a lot harder to write like that, but I personally feel that a listener script should be accessible to everyone.

I totally agree. Perhaps just making the listener gender neutral for future character/listener scripts would be the best option? —AH

To that last anon, I acctually wrote my FeferiListener script with that in mind. I didn't want to specify a gender because I thought it would be easier for anyone to put themselves in the role. Unless specified, I would definitely be happy to do the same with any other listener scripts I do. Just throwing that out there.
This isn't an actual request, but when it comes to the listener/character clips, it'd be nice to hear some of them with the listener being female or more gender neutral. It seems that the ones I've listened to are targeted towards a male listener. I'd write a few but I always get flustered when writing these kinds of things. Anyway, it's just a small suggestion.

There is definitely a way to write the character/listener scripts without labeling the gender of the listener, so we’ll pass that on to our writers. Thank you for your input! —AH

Honestly, if you ever have an issue with how I sounded, come to me about it. I'm currently working a script, and I'd rather know why someone didn't like my bits and/or what I can do to improve, cause if I made it here, the only way I can possibly go is up, and honestly, I'd like the listeners to be able to help me out. ~Azure
so you do accept au's except genderbenders because there's already a blog for that?

Correct. We accept AUs, just not genderbends (as those would be for the other blog). —AH

While we at HSV aren't all perfect pro VAs or everyone's headcanon voices, we certainly are trying to improve! So rather than insulting us, please tell us what you think we need to make better? Sorry you didn't get casted, Anon. (Obviously you auditioned.) You're free to do your own independent reels, though! -Ophiuca

While I won’t assume that anon auditioned, I will say that I am very protective of the VAs here. But I know that they’re all adults who can handle constructive criticism. —AH

Superspecial: Not to mention it is extremely rude to basically say to an actor "you aren't good enough or worth the time to critique and help get better, so you should really be replaced," not to mention most "can I audition for someone already cast?" usually amounts to "I think I'm better than you." Constructive criticism would be going tot he actor and letting them know what can be changed, not coming here and saying we'd be better without them.


i really don't see how anon's complaint wasn't constructive criticism s/he told you exactly what you should do to make the tumblr better without being rude about it. s/he just stated what could be improved. if you want your followers to single out specific voice actors and list the things they're doing wrong i know i would be happy to do so.

I don’t get why you guys don’t take auditions for characters that are already cast. —not constructive criticism—

I mean no offense, but some of these voices sound really forced and could use a lot of work —constructive criticism— Now go on to tell us what you feel the problem(s) are so that we may relay the message to our VAs. 

(I’m not the only one who thinks this either!) I’m sure there are plenty of better VA’s who you haven’t given a chance just because of your “you snooze, you lose” policy. I’m just saying this because some of these voices are extremely painful to listen to, and I you could do much better. —not constructive criticism—

We have always accepted constructive criticism here. We want people to enjoy what we produce. But we also know that we can’t please everyone. —AH