Dear Geek, I idolize your Vriska voice. Thanks for thinking mine's cool too, you're obviously the superior Vriska voice. u////u love from shy anon~

Thanks, I thought you were great! You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Just keep working on it and you’ll be better than me in no time. -Geek

Do you think you would have voice actors for non-Homestuck characters? Like, John/Nic Cage? I know I sound like weirdest fucking weirdo right now, but the way John *gracefully* moans out "OH, CAGE!!", I was wondering what something like that would sound like? Gomen I'm a freak unu

I think this example would fall into the Hussie category, being that it’s a little unnerving to have a real adult character in a request.

But crossovers are a possibility. I think there’s a Hetalia themed smut-voice blog somewhere. -Geek

EDIT: Never mind, there’s a non-smut Hetastuck voice blog, but nothing nsfw that I know of. Someone ought to do that.

But your vriska voice was so sexy. Well I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the new one's like.
I really like Animehead's scripts. Will you be posting more of his/hers soon?

Ah, thank you! I’m not sure when more of my scripts will be posted. I guess the safest bet would be to say more will be posted eventually. —AH

Geek, I can't find you on the kink reference list.

That’s because I’m not in the cast anymore, we have a new Vriska and Meenah now.

I recorded a bunch of stuff before I stopped voicing them and I’m still gonna be a mod, so you’re still gonna see me. -Geek

How often do you accept the scripts you receive?

Most of the time. If you submitted a script a few months ago, it’s very likely that we got it and it’s still in the process of being voiced/edited.

It can take several months for something to get done. -Geek

Can you tag all the requests with the writers/ VAs/editors or would that be to hard to do?

There’s about 80 completed requests. It could be done, but it would be really hard and time consuming.

Besides, we already have a writer page with links to all of their scripts listed alongside their name, and searching for a character that a VA plays/played is an easy alternative to tagging them. -Geek

CroMeu “Kitten” Script
Homesmut Voices - CroMeu "Kitten"
23,801 plays

CroMeu “Kitten”

Cronus: ScotchDuet

Meulin: Bella

Written by: Anonymous

Script: Here

Edited by: Pirate

VriskaKankri “Whistle-Blower” Script
Homesmut Voices - VriskaKankri "Whistle-Blower"
21,389 plays

VriskaKankri “Whistle-Blower”

Vriska: Anonymous

Kankri: ScotchDuet

Written by: Geek

Script: Here

Edited by: Adoribomb

One thing that I DO love about some of the completed requests are the noises of skin to skin contact (the pap-pap-pap noises). It makes the audio sound, I dunno, believable? Whenever someone edits that into a request, I think it really adds to the final product and makes it sound a lot better :3c
(Oh, you allow critiques? What a lovely place) Well, in that case, I want to say I admire the bravery of everyone putting their voice out there, but a tip to improve on would definitely be to rehearse a bit more? I don't claim to know the amount at which a person rehearsed a bit of script before performing, but on occasion the dialogue sounds very wooden, like you're reading directly from the script, and it comes of sounding very stilted and artificial. I recommend deviating a bit if that helps.
I think one of my greatest suggestions to the Va's as a theatre major would be some of the more mechanical things. Be very careful when actually speaking. It's easy to let the speed of your voice grow too fast and ramble-y or too slow and overbearing. Enunciation (without going overboard) is another thing. You don't want someone to not understand, lest it take away from the reason we're all here.
*Additional critiques* The actors should do more than one take. And do the script in chunks rather than in one go. It's obvious when they do it straight because there is stumbling over words and badly read lines kept in as a result. Even though they're not professionals they'd benefit greatly if they did the script several times then the editor chooses the best chunk of each take and pastes it all together in audacity.

Most of the actors actually do include multiple takes, but you’re right in your critiques for those that don’t. -Geek